Same Marketing + Ghost Leads = More Installs per Marketing Dollar

The problem with digital marketing is that only 5-10% of homeowners that come to a website end up calling or fill out a contact form. Ghost Leads automatically turns every visitor into a lead.

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How Does It Work

Add a simple line of code to your website - this allows our data engine to identify the prospects on your website and deliver you a complete report with full consumer information (See Sample Report)

Step 1

Implement Code on your site in less than 5 minutes

Step 2

Every morning you’ll receive full data on the prospects

What Can I Expect

Most contractors will see an increase of 5x the leads from their website. Without spending another penny on advertising or doing anything else you will be adding

5x the prospects to your pipeline.

You and your team will receive an email every morning with a complete breakdown of the day before. The list automatically includes deep insights; not just basic homeowner info. Imagine knowing every visitor’s:

1. Name, Phone, Email, and Address

2. Specific Services They’re Seeking

3. Financial Insights: Credit Scores, Household Income

4. Property Details: Home Value, Purchase Date

5. Homeownership Status

6. Demographic Profile: Generational Insights and More

What Results are Others Getting?

"From 8 leads last month to 392 without changing a single thing about my marketing"

Home Improvement Contractor

(screenshot from actual account)

"I'm averaging over 600 new insulation leads per month from my website"

Insulation Contractor

(screenshot from actual account)

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Ghost Leads generated for people who do NOT complete a website form?

Ghost Leads identifies website visitors who don't complete forms by matching an anonymous unique identifier with additional information. This is done using the Ghost Lead Pixel and an Identity Graph, which taps into a vast database with over 300 million records, providing details like name, email, credit information, address, homeowner versus renter, demographic attributes, MAIDs (Mobile Advertising IDs), and other data valuable residential contractors.

Will Ghost Leads include people who fill out a website contact form? 

Ghost Leads includes data on visitors who fill out website forms, enriching this information with additional details (e.g., credit score, home value, address, interest, etc) accessible via the Ghost Leads dashboard.

How do I install the Ghost Leads pixel?

To install the Ghost Leads pixel takes 5 minutes and can be done by whoever manages your website. These instructions are provided via email to the webmaster after proceeding with Ghost Leads.

Are Ghost Leads compliant with current laws and regulations? 

Ghost Leads is compliant with legal standards as it uses First Party Data (data from individuals who interacted directly with your company). However, adherence to privacy laws is crucial, including having a cookie consent banner and clear data collection policies on your website.

What can Ghost Leads be used for? 

Ghost Leads can be utilized for various marketing efforts like email, digital advertising, direct mail campaigns, profile enrichment, and internal analytics. It is particularly useful for lead scoring and offers deeper insights into the effectiveness of digital ads.